Words from our Associates



What will you take away from this orientation?

"That this company really is about team and family

"That I am welcome here and mgmt. is glad I’m here

"That people in upper management really do care and will take time with us

"That I can learn new things … and grow with this company like so many others have

"Maybe even own my own OPH franchise someday

"That team work is the thing and I don’t have to worry about the small stuff while I’m at work

Additional stories...

Daniel from Irving said he took this job instead of another he was offered because Chelsea made it feel so welcoming in her interview.  He stood and waited 45 minutes for busses sometimes because he never wants to be late and now, because he works for OPH he has bought a car.  No more busses for him and he owes it all to OPH.  He loves everything he’s learning and someday maybe he can become a manager or maybe even own a store!


The new host from Northwest said she really worried about where to apply for her first job out of school.  That she has been nervous about it since she started, but after sitting in orientation she now feels welcome and confident and knows she made the right decision … and that she CAN do this job!


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