Choice of homestyle potatoes or Kettle chips

Club Deluxe

Turkey or ham with bacon, cheddar, Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, grilled wheat

Grilled Ham + Cheese

Turkey Avocado Wrap

With bacon, Swiss cheese + creamy sauce

New York Reuben


Bacon, fresh lettuce, sliced tomato + mayo on sourdough

Burgers + Melts

Add bacon


House Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, croutons + choice of dressing


Small portions available for some items.

Apple Pancake

(Allow additional time)
Oven baked with sautéed Granny Smith apples and pure Sinkiang cinnamon glaze

Dutch Baby

(Allow additional time)
Oven baked served with whipped butter, lemon + powdered sugar

Buttermilk Recipe

Some items served with whipped butter or whipped cream + powdered sugar


Served with homemade syrup



+ compote

Fresh Banana


Chocolate Chip

Fresh Strawberry


49’er Flap Jacks

Plate sized, thin and tender


With lingonberries

Gluten-Free Ancient Grains

Not prepared in a gluten-free environment

Breakfast Combos

Ask your Server about options


2 Scrambled Eggs + 2 Slices of Bacon + 3 Buttermilk Pancakes

Eggs, Potatoes + Toast

Sausage Patty or 2 Links, Potatoes + Toast

Traditional Favorites

Served with 3 buttermilk pancakes. Small portions available for some items.

Avocado Toast

2 eggs with feta, onions, tomato + fruit garnish
Does not include pancakes

Bacon + Eggs

Sausage + Eggs

Ham + Eggs

Diced Ham Scramble

Bacon Steak + Eggs

1/2” thick bacon

Bacon Lovers

3 eggs + 6 pcs bacon

Corned Beef Hash + Eggs

With 2 over-easy eggs

Steak + Eggs

Ribeye and 2 eggs + potatoes

🌶 Southwest Specialties

Served with 3 buttermilk pancakes + flour tortillas

Breakfast Tacos

Eggs, bacon, tomato, onion, cheddar with salsa + Hacienda Hollandaise

Breakfast Burrito

2 Eggs, potatoes, cilantro, serrano, cheddar + sauce in a tortilla
Add sausage

Huevos Rancheros

2 eggs with ranchero sauce, potatoes + refried beans


Eggs, onion, fresh jalapeño, tomato, tortilla strips + cheddar

Huevos Con Papas

Scrambled eggs, Anaheim peppers, potatoes, onion, pepper jack cheese + salsa

Waffles, French Toast, Crepes

Some items dusted with powdered sugar








Classic Shells


With fresh strawberries

Coffee Maple Banana

Fresh bananas and coffee-maple glaze, topped with bananas + pecans

Cherry Kijafa

In Danish wine sauce

French Toast

Sourdough French Toast

Cloudie French Toast

Healthy Cloudies dipped in egg batter, cooked to perfection, sprinkled with powdered sugar + served with Blackberry Preserves
550 cal

Healthy Lifestyle


2 egg whites, cup of oatmeal, turkey bacon + fresh fruit cup

City Fit Scramble

Scrambled egg whites, broccoli, onion, mushroom + tomato


🌶 Hacienda

2 homemade chorizo sausage patties on potatoes, scrambled eggs, green chili cilantro béarnaise + 3 buttermilk pancakes


Toasted English muffin, shaved ham, 2 medium poached eggs, hollandaise sauce + potatoes


Our down-home biscuit, open-faced, with 2 sausage patties, 2 scrambled eggs, sausage gravy + potatoes

Classic Benedict

2 Healthy Cloudies, topped with poached eggs, fresh spinach, tomato, Hollandaise sauce + steamed broccoli 650 cal


Our signature French-rolled, oven-baked, 4-egg omelette + 3 buttermilk pancakes

Western Cheddar

Ham, green pepper, pimento, onion

Meat Lover

Ham, sausage, chorizo, bacon + cheddar

Bacon + Cheddar

🌶 Fiesta Cheddar

Bacon, onion, jalapeño, tomato + aged cheddar

🌶 Chorizo + Cheddar

Spinach, Cheddar + Mushroom

Healthy Lifestyle

Egg whites, broccoli, onion, mushroom, tomato + Ancient Grains pancakes

Ham + Cheddar


Fresh baby spinach, kalamata olive, tomato, onion + feta cheese

Sausage + Cheddar

Refreshing Beverages

Ask your Server about our Specialty Coffee drinks and Juice options

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Bottomless Cup of Gourmet Coffee

Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Cold Brew Coffee


SO GOOD… you wouldn’t even know it’s HEALTHY!

Cloudie Benedict

Perfectly poached eggs, fresh spinach and tomato, and a rich drizzle of Hollandaise sauce. Healthy tastes decadently good!

Sausage Cloudie

The good
ol’ sausage biscuit, now heart-healthy! Eggs cooked to order, with fresh tomato and sliced cheese.

Chorizo Cloudie

A spicy Texas favorite! Fresh Chorizo, cheddar cheese, and eggs cooked to order - a healthy breakfast that will even keep a cowboy full!

Cloudie French Toast

A healthy take on an old classic! Gluten-Free Cloudies dipped in an egg-batter and cooked to perfection, lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with a ramkin of Blackberry Preserves.

Cloudie Bacon Sandwich

Freshly-cooked bacon, sliced tomato, cheddar cheese, and eggs cooked to order—everything you need for a filling, delicious breakfast, that’s good for you, too!

Kids Fit Menu

Featuring 2 servings of fruits and veggies in every Kids Fit meal!
All meals served with 100% apple juice (No Refills)

Sunrise Scramble*

This bright breakfast taco comes with scrambled eggs, diced ham, cheese, tomatoes, broccoli, and our homestyle potatoes on top of a flour tortilla. Served with strawberries and bananas! (400 cal)

Piggy Party*

Have a party at breakfast with these pigs in a blanket! This plate comes with two turkey sausage links wrapped inside of a pancake. Served with strawberries and bananas! (450 cal)

French Toasties*

This sweet treat is our traditional French toast dusted with cinnamon sugar with a side of berry yogurt for dunking. Served with strawberries and bananas and some of our yummy homestyle potatoes. (470 cal)

Kids Menu

All meals include choice of apple juice (180 CAL) or milk (120-225 CAL) (No Refills)

Junior Chocolate Chip, Banana or Blueberry Pancakes

Your choice of 3 chocolate chip, banana or blueberry pancakes. (1010/810/700 cal)

Junior Egg and Pancakes

1 egg prepared how you like and 3 buttermilk pancakes. (760-780 cal)

Junior Cakes and Bacon

3 buttermilk pancakes and 2 strips bacon. (770 cal)

Junior Cakes and Sausage

3 buttermilk pancakes and 2 sausage links. (1180 cal)

1,200 to 1,400 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice for children ages 4 to 8 years and 1,400 to 2,000 calories a day for children ages 9 to 13 years, but calorie needs vary.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Bottomless Cup of Gourmet Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Bacon Steak

Specialty Meats

Toast + Preserves

Homestyle Potatoes

Biscuits + Gravy


2 Delicious Healthy Cloudies + Preserves 35 cal