The Original Pancake House DFW Honors 95-Year-Old WW II Veteran

Dallas, TX - November 9, 2018 The Original Pancake House DFW (OPH-DFW) surprised Maury Sherman, a 95-year-old Fighter Pilot-World War II veteran, with a hand-crafted stars and striped quilt in honor of Veterans Day. The quilt, made by Betty Bailey, was presented in a surprise ceremony as the humble mindset of Maury would not have allowed a fuss to be made over him, his service to this country and his continued efforts of fundraising for the Jewish War Veterans. Click for Video


Over 12 years as a regular at OPH-DFW, Mr. Sherman has raised over $100,000 for the Jewish War Veterans, a 501-C4 charity that has supported all war veterans since its establishment in 1836. The charity focuses on veterans through outreach including hospital visits, gift bags, meal provisions, VA facility upgrades and attention to homeless veterans.

"Mr. Sherman has been more of a blessing to the team at OPH-DFW and our guests than we could ever be to him. He won't even let us buy his meal," stated Mark Davis Bailey, Co-Owner of The Original Pancake House DFW. "His upbeat outlook, friendly personality and determination to keep serving inspires us all."

Mr. Bailey shared how the 95-year-old veteran still drives himself everywhere and once after being hit by another driver, he took a cab to fulfill his fundraising efforts at OPH-DFW.

In honor of Veterans Day, all eight locations OPH-DFW are offering 50% discounts on all meals for Veterans, November 10th-12th.  Click here for more information about OPH-DFW. Follow OPH-DFW on Facebook,  Pinterest or Twitter.


About The Original Pancake House DFW

The Original Pancake House DFW has been creating made from scratch freshness in the DFW area since 1987. The local franchise, owned by Mark Davis Bailey and Jonathan Seyoum, currently serves the North Texas community with eight locations. The combination of quality and hospitality at each location is the basis for why families have kept returning to The Original Pancake House for 30 years in the DFW area and over 60 years nationwide. Click here for more information about The Original Pancake House franchise in Texas, or find OPH on Facebook.

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