The Original Pancake House DFW Initiates Recycling for the Future Cell Phone Collection Program

Dallas, TX - February 5, 2018  The Original Pancake House DFW (OPH-DFW) is committed to providing future generations a better, cleaner environment. In working to achieve this goal, they have launched a program, Recycling for the Future, to collect old cell phones. In addition to working to decrease the environmental impact, OPH-DFW will use the proceeds from the recycling to help support local homeless shelters.

OPH-DFW is encouraging community members to participate in the Recycling for the Future program by offering participants up to three $10 gift certificates. Guests may visit any of OPH-DFW's eight locations within the DFW Metroplex to exchange their old cell phones for OPH-DFW gift certificates. Click here for photo

"At OPH-DFW we recognize our responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren an environment in which they can thrive. The Recycling for the Future program provides a win-win opportunity as we are able to use the proceeds to assist those that need a helping hand in our local community," stated Jonathan Seyoum Co-Owner of OPH-DFW.

For more information about Recycling for the Future, visit For more information on OPH-DFW visit


About The Original Pancake House DFW

The Original Pancake House DFW has been creating made from scratch freshness in the DFW area since 1987. The local franchise, owned by Mark Davis Bailey and Jonathan Seyoum, currently serves the North Texas community with eight locations. The combination of quality and hospitality at each location is the basis for why families have kept returning to The Original Pancake House for 30 years in the DFW area and over 60 years nationwide. For more information about The Original Pancake House franchise in Texas, visit or find OPH on Facebook

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